LED UV Nail Lamp

Professional nail lamp, 72W/54W double power with 4 timer setting 36 pieces led beads, effective and professional UV Led nail lamp.

Fast Dry and Long Lifespan Nail Dryer: UV led Nail Lamp 54W/72W double power with 33Pcs Led beads,2x faster curing than traditional nail dryers.This lamp do not need to replace the bulbs.It with long lifespan and in the same times this nail dryer with 12months guarantee.
With 4 Timer for your Choose: UV led Nail Lamp 10s 30s 60s 99s time setting,99 seconds is no pain low heat mode.You can according on the gel polish brand to choose the suitable time.The special internal digital screen will show the curing time.Avoid anxious waiting.
Smart Sensor Easy To Use: Hands in, Light on. Hands out, Light off.Do not need pressing the botton again and again, It can be working automatically by infrared induction if you put your hand into the machine.
Portable Handle With Removable Tray: UV led Nail Lamp Portable handle convenient you to take it to any place that you want.Do not need to worry the lamp will broken when you remove it. And you can choose use or not use the bottom,Make nail art more easy.
Curved Casing Design Protect Your Eyes : The nail lamp with half-closed design to protect your eyes.And bigger space for hands or toes , Please do not worry about bumping sides or messing up polish.You can enjoy the funny of nail DIY in home with family or friends.


Weight: 550g
Voltage: 100V-240V
Material: ABS Power

What's the special of this nail lamp?

 Timer Setting Buttons

"10S 30S 60S" buttons are only available after puting your finger nail or toe nails in,
Once you start the these buttons in this led uv nail lamp,the LCD display will show the time countdown when this led nail lamp working under the mode of 10s 30s 60s.

99s LowHeat Mode

When you press the "99s low heat mode" for 0.5s,this led UV curing lamp will show the clockwise timing when lamp working under the mode of 99s low heat mode.

"99s low heat mode" also means the painless mode,the output power will increase gradually.

Double Power Mode

"Double power" button is only available after you have chose time setting button(10S 30S 60S) First choose and press your time button and then press "Double power" button for 2s,the current power can be switched between 72w and 54w.

notice:if not longer than 2s,it will change to "90s low heat mode"


Infrared Sensor Design
if donot press any timer button after this Curing lamp connect to power, once you put your hand into it, the infrared sensor will automatically start the machine, the maximum working time is 120s.

Double Power 72w/54w led nail lamp
72w high power will curing the gel more quickly,36 pieces of led SMD,each includes 2 led chips 365nm+405nm,can cure more kinds of gel,such as nail polish,acrylic gel,led gel,UV gel
Detachable Base for More Space
Enough space for curing whole hand or 2 hand.
Base coat can be removed,that's easy to clean and also for other curing,eg.curing toenail,it can be used in professional nail salon or you can DIY your nail in travel or home

Tips: Apply the gel polish thin each time that will help the polish dries quicker and stays on your nail longer.
The reason nails still goopy and sticky even after you cured the polish:some of the gel top coat needs clean with alcohol, otherwise it doesn't matter how long your dry the polish it will still sticky.

Professional nail lamp,fast cure led gel nail lamp
UV nail lamp with 36pcs UV/LED dual light source, 180° Led beads coverage inside, easy using cure faster.

Application For:

Can dry many kind of gel,Such as Nail builder gel, Nail sculpture gel,Led nail gel, Rhinestone gems glue,Curing time might vary depending on the gel you’re using.

Suitable For:

You present the lamp to your family friends or just yourselves .It's really great gift for Birthdays, Thanksgiving, Christmas,Mother's Day,Or just going to travel or having party.

Cure All Kinds of UV/LED Nail Gels: opi nail polish,gel nail polish, uv led nail gel, uv gel, led gel, uv builder gel, sculpture gel etc
Tips: hold 60s for long time,that will enter to the engineering mode,you can reconnect lamp to power to recover The all setting will be default when the machine everytime reconnect to the adapter to get power

All led uv lamps cannot dry regular polish that donot contain ultraviolet gel,because led uv lamps use the ultraviolet to curing gel and some regular polish donot contain ultraviolet gel,so the regular polish just be dried by air,so you should choose the lamp include fan to dry regular polish.



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