Adjustable Laptop Desk


Work or Play Comfortably Any Time Any Where, Turn Any Area Into Your Workplace.


Easy to store – Makes it easy to store virtually anywhere and saves you space versus the classical hardwood desk. Makes putting away your work much more easier

Redefine your desk space – The fully adjustable legs allow you to use this laptop desk to set up your office anywhere, whether you are at your desk, laying in bed, sitting on the couch, or on the beach… it’ll make it easy and comfortable for you to work on your computer.

Very Ergonomic – sitting at your desk all day can be a strain on your body. This tray allows you to easily switch between standing and sitting in just seconds providing relief from strained backs, improved circulation and better posture.

PORTABLE LIGHTWEIGHT HIGH STRENGTH ALUMINUM DESIGN – It can hold up to 45 lbs while weighing in at


Platform Material: High Grade Magnesium & Aluminum Alloy.
Legs Material: High Quality Durable ABS.
Adjustable Angle: Full 360°.
Platform Design: Breathable (Allows Heat Exchange.)
Suitable For: All Laptops Up To 17″ inches. (Also good for tablets & books!)
Max. Load: 20kg/45lbs (Most laptops range anywhere from 3 to 8lbs.)
Mouse-Board: 18cm x 16cm/7.1 x 6.3″.
Table-Board: 42cm x 26cm/17.1 x 10.2″.
Adjustable Height: 26cm—48cm/10.2—18.5″.
Stand Leg (6Pcs): 26cm/10″.
Folded Size: 53.0cm x 26cm x 4cm/20.2 x 10.2 x 1.6″.
Package Includes: One Laptop Desk With Mouse Pad.

Work or Play :

Work smarter not harder. With the lazy desk you get to work from anywhere and stay comfortable while you’re at it.

Fan shape ventilation holes to dissipate the heat from your laptop and prevent overheating. Saving you an expensive repair bill

Foldable and portable so you can take it anywhere you wish and surf through the internet for hours without being crammed at a standstill desk.

Easily adjusts to different heights whether you’re in your living room or on your bed. We’ve got you covered.

Say goodbye to neck and back pain from working on your laptop. This fully adjustable laptop desk can be folded flat for easy storage and enables you to use your computer at the most comfortable position, benefits your health and make you free from neck and shoulder pain.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is the mouse pad angle independently adjustable?
A: Yes, you can also remove it easily if you don’t want it.

Q: How many inches will it raise from the surface on which it sits?
A: Up to 19 inches which is more than enough.

Q: I am left-handed. Can the mouse pad be mounted on the left side of the table or is it only on the right side?
A: Yes it can. You can see a small slit on the left side of the tray. That is where it attaches. The slits are on both sides.

Q: Can it be used comfortably by a person in a wheelchair?
A: The bottom legs are about 20 inches apart, so as long as that will fit in the wheel chair it should work well.

Q: How to install and adjust the mousepad?
A: There is really not very much to do. There are buttons to push at the end of each rod to make the legs move how you want.

Q: How much weight does it safely support?
A: It can hold up to 15 lbs. 

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