Mini Hair Straightener Flat Iron

 New mini hair straightener flat iron curling hair beard straightener brush hair  crimped curling iron hair straightener(8 Colors Optional)

1. Fast heating in 30 seconds, reducing waiting time and quick use.
2. 3D floating panel technology, tighter closure, preventing hair damage and pulling.
3. PTC curve heating technology, warmer and safer.
4. 20W low power, low radiation, can be used by pregnant women.
5. 7 colors are available, and the use is more personalized.
6. Ceramic glaze heating material, soft temperature, does not harm its own hair.
7. Thermal insulation, insulated non-slip handle to prevent injury.

Product description

Product Name: Straight & Curling MINI hair straightener
📢Product power: 20W
📢Product Dimension: 18CMX2CM
📢Product Total Length: 1.25M
📢Heating plate material: Tourmaline Ceramics heating plate
📢Heating plate characteristics: PTC curve heating
📢Temperature Control: Constant temperature 200℃(400℉)
📢Styling waiting time: 30S
📢Product color: Purple/Yellow/White/Pink/Orange/Blue (Optional)
Item Type: Iron
Dimensions Of Heating Plate: 60x15mm

Heating plate structure

1. Thermally conductive substrate
2. Rustproof layer
3. Atomized ceramic layer
4. Plant protein coating
The spring force automatically adjusts the strength according to the hair volume to reduce scratches and tears.
Our heating plates feature an innovative 3D floating design that will have a high surface. The purpose is to elastically grasp the hair without loosening the hair or hurting the hair.

Optional Color&Plug Standard(For instructions on manual straight hair comb, please see the end of the page.)

Color Optional:
1). Purple; 2).Orange;3). Pink; 4).Green; 5). Bule;6).White; 7). Yellow; 8).Apple Green;

Note: The label pattern on the box is personalized and we are randomly distributed.
The color of the accessory of the product may not match the picture.

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