3D Electric Head Massage can provide a very relaxing massager experience. It has a portable and lightweight design allows you to relax and have a great time anywhere and anytime. Even if you're in the car, office, or home the 3D Electric Head Massager can be used anytime you want.

Using this 3D Electric Head Massager on your hair scalp may improve hair growth and releases stress. It is also a versatile massager, you can use it on your neck, body, and lower body with great results. 

The 3D Electric Head Massage will certainly bring a pleasant massaging experience so try it for yourself now! Wouldn't it be great to get a head massage whenever you wanted? Now with the 3D Electric Scalp Massager, you can get a great massage at home anytime!

After a long day at the office, wouldn't it be wonderful to get a relaxing massage to help relieve stress? Our scalp massager can provide the soothing treatment that you need - a deep tissue massage to improve blood circulation.

Rotating Massage Brushes. This amazing device uses four brush heads made out of non-toxic thermoplastic rubber to provide good acupressure. The brushes rotate to provide 3D kneading action. The waterproof brush heads can be detached for cleaning.

Single Button Operation. Press the button on the handle of the scalp massager to instantly switch between different speed and direction modes. You can activate clockwise or counter-clockwise rotation, and select between two different speeds.

Massage for Multiple Areas of the Body. Although the device is designed to be a scalp massager, you can use it to massage other body parts. Massage your shoulder, back, neck, arms and legs! The deep acupressure can soothe away bodily aches.

Safe for Pet Massage. We have tested the scalp massager on cats, and many of them enjoy the sensation! It can give them a calming massage without damaging the hair. It is safe to try the massager on dogs as well.

Easy Charging Base. The scalp massager fits snugly into a stand that doubles as a charger for the unit. Includes a USB charging cable to simply attach to a plug adaptor and connect to a power source. Then the scalp massager will charge while standing in its base.


Charging: USB charging 
Waterproof: 100% waterproof
Battery Capacity: 850 mAh 
Wireless Massage USB interface Design 
One-Click operation old people are easy to use 
Silica Gel Contact, 76 massage small contacts, removable and washable 

Voltage: 220V
Charging Time: 4 Hour

This product can't immersed in water,only the massage head is detachable and washable.
The power indicator flashes red during charging,the indicator light is always bright green when fully charged.
Don't use it when charging.

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